Reykjavik’s bid on World Outgames 2017

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World Outgames Iceland

During 2013 Reykjavik made a bid to host the international event World Outgames 2017, arranged by the gay community. The event is open to all who wish to participate, without regard to sexual orientation. The Outgames bring together people from all over the world, also from the countries where homosexuality remains illegal and hidden.

Miami Beach won but Reykjavik also is a winner

The Outgames were arranged in Montreal in 2006, in Copenhagen 2009 and in Antwerpen in 2013. Reykjavik Convention Bureau decided to bid on the World Outgames 2017. And they remained as a finalist but finally Miami Beach won the bidding procecss, due to the will to spread the event in the world. The last three times the event was arranged in Europe.

However Reykjavik was a creditable ”looser” – have a look at this fantastic video which was a part of their bid and you will understand what I mean. It is branding Reykjavik as an open and sparkling place. The first person you will see in the parade is the Prime Minister of Iceland.

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